Winchester Independents is campaigning for a Council that:

  • turns its back on party politics, which can be corrosive and divisive

  • reverts to a committee system of governance, which ensures a fairer, more democratic, way of working

  • elects its Councillors every four years to ensure greater stability for Councillors and Officers alike

  • understands the character of Winchester and its District, and with a vision and planning policies that respect it

  • is managed by Officers who share that vision, respect and support elected Councillors, and accept their full accountability to them

  • is Councillor-led, and engages with - and listens to - the people it represents and keeps them informed in return

  • attracts candidates for election with a wider range of age, background experience and knowledge

We’ll also be giving priority to issues ignored by past Councils again and again but important to the people they claim to represent. Issues such as: providing more genuinely affordable housing; making sure that planning decisions are made with a clear understanding of the character of the locality they affect and with full respect for that character; better facilities and a higher priority for the arts, leisure and sport; and pro-active support for local businesses employing local people and for local voluntary organisations.

A more detailed description of our Aims and Ways of Working is set out in our interim Constitution, which can be downloaded here

Published and promoted by Mike Caldwell on behalf of the Winchester Independents Group, both of 2 Nuns Road, Winchester SO237EF