St Barnabas ward: Kezia Hoffman

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I'm a community artist. I’ve lived in Winchester for 21 years. Youth work in Weeke and the City Centre involves events, teaching arts and setting up community projects. As a self-employed mother of two I know the need for real affordable housing, better facilities for young people and support for local start-ups. I want council procedure simplified with more community-driven vision and cohesive dialogue, working with and for the people of Winchester.

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St Bartholomew ward: Mike Coker-Davies

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I’ve lived in the centre of Winchester for 11 years, and was a founder member of the Parchment-Brooks Residents’ Association. I worked in the printing industry, and then in the Hampshire Police. I want to see a reduction in antisocial behaviour and litter on our city streets. I’m a committed member of the Hampshire Wildlife Trust and was an active supporter of the Leisure Centre and Silver Hill campaigns and the Winchester March.

St Luke ward: Tomos James

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I’m an actor and circus performer, as well as a facilitator for a leading training company, and I live in Stanmore. I want to improve communication between the Council and people in our ward, and I know the challenges of the area: relations between students and permanent residents, new housing, parking and infrastructure, and a green environment for all. As an independent, I look forward to meeting you and hearing what you want.

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St Michael ward: Judith Martin

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I’ve campaigned for the conservation of our beautiful city’s heritage and its setting for over 20 years. I want a Council that is open and honest, that finds ways to provide genuinely affordable housing, that works with local communities to find the best solutions for the many planning failures. We must recognise the extraordinary importance of our history that draws residents and tourists from across the globe.

St Paul ward: Tracey-Clare Dunlop

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I grew up in Winchester, and live in the city centre. I want a city that works for us all, at work, rest and play; a vibrant centre encouraging independent businesses; homes that local people can afford; spaces for sports and leisure activities. I worked in the IT industry for 20 years, and now run a consulting company in Winchester. I'm also a school governor and volunteer baker at City Mill.

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