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Winchester Independents is a group of Winchester residents from across the community who want change. The group believes that the corrosive and divisive nature of national party politics has no place in local government, and wants to shift the control of local decision-making over to fresh-thinking, independent-minded, local people.

It’s a growing trend. People all over the country are taking back control of their own towns and districts from distant national bodies by electing councillors who think independently. If Frome, in Somerset, can achieve the seemingly impossible – a clean sweep of the old Council replaced completely by independents – then we should try in Winchester.

Winchester Independents is about real democracy and about ensuring that our city and district develops in a way that benefits its people. It’s not about being concerned with what parties say or do but having, instead, a new type of Councillor who can think and act independently to deliver what you – the residents, voters and taxpayers – want for the future.

There’s a wind of change in local democracy; please support us in our aims.

You can now donate to the campaign via this website: please visit the Get Involved page

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In the May 2016 local election, the five Winchester Independents candidates received a total of 2233 votes across the five city wards in which they stood. Despite not winning any seats they can be proud of their efforts: 17.5% of those who voted gave a vote to a Winchester Independents candidate. To get the support of nearly one in five voters - having held our first public meeting only seven weeks before election day - is quite an achievement. Our message of ridding local government of party politics and reforming Winchester City Council has clearly struck a chord with many.

The Guardian’s John Harris has just released his latest film in the “Anywhere but Westminster” series, which focuses heavily on the Winchester Independents movement. To see this excellent short film, please click on the following link:

The Guardian

The inaugural public meeting of the Winchester Independents took place on Thursday March 17th 2016, at St Peter’s Church Hall in Jewry Street. Read more about the meeting via this link to The Hampshire Chronicle website:

Hampshire Chronicle Article

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Published and promoted by Mike Caldwell on behalf of the Winchester Independents Group, both of 2 Nuns Road, Winchester SO237EF